Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Nintendo 3DS

Release date

NA March 24, 2013

EU 2012

JP 2012




ESRB: E-Everyone

PEGI: 7-Seven years and older




Nintendo 3DS cartridge

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is a Nintendo 3DS game that will serve as the sequel to Luigi's Mansion (which was released for the Nintendo GameCube). The game has five mansions. The game also introduces the Poltergust 5000, the Poltergust 3000's upgrade. Shining light via flashlight is no longer sufficient to stun all ghosts in the game. Players need to activate a strobe function to stun the ghosts. The game is said to be a lot more puzzle oriented.


  • Luigi
  • Professor E. Gadd
  • King Boo
  • Toad
  • Mario


  • Boos
  • Ghosts


  • Gloomy Manor
  • Haunted Towers
  • Old Clockworks
  • Secret Mine
  • Treacherous Mansion

Items and TreasuresEdit

  • Coins
  • Bills
  • Treasure Chests
  • Keys
  • Gold Bars


(Some Ghosts have sunglasses which protect them from the strobe light. The sunglasses must be vacuumed before capture.)

  • Greenies 10 HP. (May appear with sunglasses)
  • Strong Greenie 50 HP (May appear with sunglasses)
  • Slammers 30 HP.
  • Strong Slammers 150 HP
  • Mummies that turn into Greenies or Strong Greenies
  • Suits of armor which attack with their swords if Luigi goes near them.
  • Spider that is purple when it crawls down and brown when it runs on the floor.
  • Gold Spiders
  • Gates that are similar to the vines (forcefeilds) that block doors from the original Luigi's Mansion. Unlike the vines, though, the gates not just block doors but also paths like the middle of a stairway.
  • Polterpup 50 HP
  • Hiders 15 HP
  • Strong Hider 75 HP
  • Gobbers 100 HP
  • Strong Gobbers 200 HP
  • Gold Greenies 20 HP
  • Sneakers 25 HP

Mini BossesEdit

  • Poltergeist 50 HP
  • Three Sisters 300 HP (50 HP, + 100 HP, + 150 HP)
  • Ancient Poltergeist 100 HP
  • Paranormal Key Ghosts (100 HP Greenie, 300 HP Gobber, 250 HP Slammer)
  • Strong Poltergeist 200 HP


Each boss (Possessor) has three layers and no HP.

  • Grouchy Possessor
  • Harsh Possessor
  • Overset Possessor
  • Shrewd Possessor
  • Tough Possessor

Nintendo eShop DescriptionEdit

Luigi™ is back and on a mission to remove a bunch of stubborn ghosts from some spooky mansions. Armed with his trusty Poltergust ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner, he will try to act brave as he bumbles his way through the darkness while trying to capture these pesky phantoms.


  • In the latest trailer, which was released in the 3DS Software Showcase at E3 2012, the arrangement of pause menu BGM of Mario Strikers Charged is heard at the last elevator scene.
  • Like the previous game, Luigi had the "Game Boy" Horror for communication. Now he has a DS (the previous system) for communicating.